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Pam Lamm Offt

Pam Lamm
Residing In Hudson, FL USA

posted by Camilla Kilgroe: I received a letter from Pam which she said I could post on this site. It's long so I'll edit. "It's a maybe if I'll attend ...If Jill HIrbe Hamilton wants to go, I may attend...This will be bittersweet. The past few months I've moved my mother up near us in Hudson. She'd fallen and broke her hip, had a partial hip replacement and can't return to live alone. My life revolves around horses. In the 1980's I bred and showed Arabians, took dressage lessons and now trail ride with Suncoast Trail Riders...to get way from the noise of civilization and enjoy the deep woods. I also have a Paso Fino for comfort riding, but still use my Arabian to keep up dressage and "real riding." During the school year I substitute teach and also do sureys at night some. I worked as a cosmetologist until about 6-7 years ago.... We have 3 horses, e dogs, an American Staffordshire Terrier, German Shepherd and a Spanish Mastiff. We actually brought the American Staffordshire Terriers into the Tampa Bay area in about 1967-68. We went to a dog training class and found out it was not obedience but training for dog shows, so we got involved in showing for a few years. We still try to attend an AKC show every couple of years to see old freiends and see what the breed trend is. The AM staff we have now is probably the best conformation wise we've ever had. The breeder we got attended and said if we took her in the ring, she'd win... We also have chickens, cats, a duck and a 16 year old Iguana...." If you'd like to hear the entire contents of the letter or get additional contact information for Pam, please contact Camilla Kilgroe through this site.